Bury your dead coins and mint new HOPE tokens.

Recover Lost Value.

Get Involved in a real life DAO.

Don't buy! but Bury,Govern,Litigate and Earn

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Bury your dead coins and mint
How It works ?

1.Bury Your Dead Coins in the corresponding grave smart contract.

2.MINT HOPE Tokens: Over a predetermined time period, you'll receive Hope tokens as a fair reward for your participation.

3.Participate and Benefit: Use your Hope tokens to participate in litigation proposals,Claim TaxLosses, and engage in the Coin GraveYard community.

Get Early Access
Choose Your Path

Be among the first to choose which DeadCoin graveyard to open first. Only the top 10 Deadcoin communities will have the privilege to select the initial graveyards.
I higher amount of HOPE will be allocated to the first 10 Pools.
Other Graveyards will be released following the DAO Genesis vote.

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How It Works

Bury your dead coins and mint new hope tokens.

Claim your HOPE tokens over weekly distributions, without investing any new money.

Harvest Losses from Dead Coins to Reduce Your Taxes.

Use your token to shape community, vote on proposals, protect interests, earn from litigation

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Our goals are to achieve full automation within the DAO and expand legal practices to support DAOs.In this experiment, we prioritize community-driven governance and automation. We aim to eliminate reliance on centralized foundations by automating tasks and delegating representation.

Decentralized communities can interact with service providers through designated representatives.Our project also seeks to develop a model for litigation funding within DAOs, bringing legal support to the decentralized ecosystem.Join us in shaping the future of community governance, automation, and legal mechanisms within DAOs. Explore the possibilities of the DAO Experiment by WACEO AISBL today.

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What is Coin Grave Yard?

Coin Grave Yard is a community-driven project that aims to help cryptocurrency investors recover their losses by providing funding support to revive abandoned or failed projects


How does Coin Grave Yard work ?

The Coin Grave Yard works by creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is governed by the community of HOPE token holders. The treasury of the DAO is used to fund community-driven projects that are selected through a voting process. In addition, the DAO also supports litigation proposals to help investors recover their losses.


What is the HOPE token ?

The HOPE token is the native token of the Coin Grave Yard project. It is used to participate in governance, vote on proposals, and fund community-driven projects.


How can I get HOPE tokens ?

You can obtain Hope tokens by burying your dead coins. The process of burying involves sending your dead coin to the corresponding grave smart contract. Once this is done, Hope tokens are allocated to the user and distributed over a predetermined time period. Please note that the user must claim their Hope tokens on a weekly basis. A portion of the tokens minted will be sent to the Hope DAO treasury for community projects.


How can I propose a community-driven project?

To propose a community-driven project, you need to hold a minimum number of HOPE tokens and submit your proposal to the DAO. The community of HOPE token holders will vote on the proposal, and if approved, the project will receive funding from the DAO's treasury.


How can I participate in litigation proposals?

To participate in litigation proposals, you need to commit your HOPE tokens to the proposal. If the proposal is successful, you will benefit from the outcome of the litigation.